Somerville mayor diagnosed with shingles, sent to hospital

Published 11-28-2018

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SOMERVILLE, Mass. (AP) - The mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts will be out of the public eye and the office for the next few weeks due to a severe case of shingles.

Officials say Democratic Mayor Joseph Curtatone was recently hospitalized with the shingles virus, the same virus that causes chicken pox. Though the illness is rarely life-threatening, Curtatone's office says he has a severe case that is affecting his inner ear and facial nerves.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says almost one out of every three people in the country will develop shingles at some point, and anyone who has recovered from chicken pox can still develop the disease.

Curtatone remains in touch with his staff, and his office says he plans to work remotely in the coming days after recovering.

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