Activists plan climate preparedness week in greater Boston

Published 09-23-2018

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BOSTON (AP) - Environmental activists are planning a climate preparedness week in greater Boston.

The Cambridge-based nonprofit group Communities Responding to Extreme Weather is helping to organize the series of events, with the help of the cities of Boston and Cambridge and other community-based groups.

Organizers say they have more than two dozen events planned, including community barbeques, library discussions, tree-plantings and a youth-led march Friday, starting at the Boston Latin School and ending at Fenway Park.

Activists also plan to join Somerville residents to smash up a private property owner's paved yard to make way for more green space.

The week kicks off with a press conference Monday at Boston City Hall.

Organizers say the goal of the events is to help focus the region's attention on climate preparedness.





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