Somerville Massachusetts Restaurants

Will breaks down where Gilson, Josh Lewin, Katrina Jazayeri and I found ourselves and gives you a look at some of our favorite restaurants in Somerville, Massachusetts, as well as a few of their favorite places in Boston.

Typical dishes range from fried sun thrush and hummus to slow-roasted pork shoulder and corn bread with pickled vegetables. The whole fried chicken is served in four ways and is a great addition to the menu, as well as a nice side dish.

On the other side of the pizza front, they serve a wide selection of salads, sandwiches, salads and side dishes, as well as a selection of starters. Handmade bread, soups and salads with a few different toppings that satisfy just about every palate.

The food is served with a selection of breakfast pastries and toast, and once the food arrives, you have the option of complimentary fruit or wheat cream. There is no better way to eat in Cook's Kitchen than to be a chef in the kitchen and order from the menu.

They have a wide selection of cheeses and wines and over 150 whiskies from all over the world give even lovers of brown spirits something to celebrate. The speciality is the kind of European food I like to bring back from trips abroad. They have recently expanded into a restaurant and deli, selling appetizers such as schnitzel, as well as a selection of pastries, salads, pasta, desserts and more.

The Neapolitan Pizza Posto, which includes a variety of toppings such as mozzarella, tomatoes, garlic, basil, oregano and more, is fired from a wood-burning oven that reaches 850 degrees. The menu touches on a Central European flavour that is often overlooked, with dishes such as the pork belly - topped with burgers and chicken - and pork belly sandwich gaining much acclaim.

The Asian BBQ Hog Head is expected to serve two to four people, and next door is the attached Fat Hen, which offers a wide range of burgers, sandwiches, salads, soups and more. The menu consists of a fried chicken and pork belly sandwich, as well as a variety of salads and sandwiches.

Enjoy the funky decor with a mounted headboard and jukebox and feast on dishes such as roasted Brussels sprouts made from buffalo and coconut - goat curry stew. If you're feeling adventurous, try the pork belly sandwich or chicken and cheese sandwich, as well as a variety of salads and soups.

The well-curated beer menu offers everything from gansett to sour, and the cocktail menu makes great use of sherry and vermouth. There are barbecue classics, including the expected nachos and burgers, as well as familiar dishes such as the roasted beetroot sandwich and curd cheese. The edible food is complemented by a mix of classic cocktails, which are offered at reasonable prices. Just leave room for the turkish fried chicken, which is provided to guests on a roaming tray.

Whenever Tony Maws and Ana Sortun open a new restaurant, you can be sure it will be rooted in the flourishing boundaries of Somerville. Everyone who has been there understands that the quirkiness of this family-owned bakery is the great thing. Jazayeri has never been inside, but the smell always reminds me of the streets I worked in in Elmhurst, Queens, where the most incredible food was cooked and served on street cart. The smell of fried chicken, roasted vegetables and fresh fruit fills the air in Union Square.

Bergamot is obviously well established - in the neighborhood, but you don't hear too much about it outside Somerville. If you've ever seen a queue on Bow Street that looks like there's a new iPhone for sale, look for it at Neighborhood. The donuts are monstrous and delicious, and the easiest way to make friends these days is to drive by and show them the now iconic box. Katrina and I walked by it for years and never really thought we would ever stop by.

The glass-enclosed dining room contains only a minority of the restaurant's seating, so expect to be fighting for the best seats. When you finally break through and go in, you get kidnapped where you want to go. There are living walls that stretch the entire length of this restaurant, and a four-seat bar that makes you feel like you're going to a surreal party in someone's mansion. There is an outdoor beer garden, but it is tiny, and there is not much left on the fireplace - the fully occupied courtyard.

The room is dominated by a huge fireplace that turns out to be wood - baked oysters, barbecues and Asian cuisine are also on the menu. The menu, with small plates inspired by the Mediterranean and Balkans, is a seven-layered hummus served with falafel and crackers. Russian dressing - a cheeseburger with a tip - has earned a place on my menu - as - you - a pay card, even if it didn't quite eclipse Craigie's burger.

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