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The concert, Faith in the City, will also include music from the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston Public Schools and Boston University, supported by Mass Humanities. The concert is part of "Exploring Religion in Somerville, MA," curated by Charan Devereaux. Noam Weinstein will make a special appearance at Johnny D's on February 28 and at the New York Public Library on March 1.

Musicians from the Gurdwara Sikh Sangat from Boston will also perform Sikh devotional music known as Kirtan at the concert. The entire repertoire will premiere at the Somerville Community Arts Center, a community arts space in the heart of Allston dedicated to supporting the arts, art education, and engagement of the Sikh community in Boston and beyond. Sikhangat Boston was founded in 2005 and is currently based in Everett, with many of its members coming from around the country.

Each of the three bands will adjust their setlist to prepare for any kind of dance music you request in advance. If there is something specific or you want to play it especially at the event, you can always learn a new song. The band offer can cater for any event of any size and is available to guests for an unforgettable live music experience.

We will try to find out what your absolute playlist is and contact you to see how we can improve it significantly with other services. Just like our wedding and corporate clients, we will learn new songs with you that your party-goers will love.

The six-week full-day program will take place from May 1 to June 30, 2016 at the Somerville Music Center in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Guests can take cycling lessons and play music all day long, while music lessons are held in groups on Sundays. The campers will hone their ear training and instrumental technique and will tour the park on Mondays and Thursdays with a cover band and make music all day long.

A week that students can attend is held on the first Saturday of each month at the Somerville Community Center, in the parking lot of the Boston Public Library, and on Saturday, June 3 and 4.

Mount Vernon High School in Somerville, Massachusetts, hosts an annual summer camp for students. The camp runs from late June to August, and the first two weeks of the camp will be held on Saturday, June 3 and 4, in the parking lot of the Boston Public Library.

The campers take lessons in music theory and songwriting, write their own songs, undertake excursions, play music games during the week, which culminate on Friday with a performance, and explore various musical genres such as jazz, classical, folk, blues, jazz - rock, pop, hip-hop and jazz. All three are provided by Kahootz Music, a non-profit music education organization. Kahootsz also offers concerts by contemporary classical and liturgical musicians, who provide instrumental music for wedding ceremonies and cocktail parties. Campers welcome special visitors, storytellers and musicians to the camp, as well as taking part in music workshops and other activities.

Among the three bands is a trio of jazz-rock, folk-blues, jazz and classical, playing a variety of modern hits and old standards.

Kahootz Entertainment is loved by Somerville companies for the vibrant music they offer their employees and customers. The band plays regularly at private events and is part of events that no one will forget. We love to delight our customers with the opportunity to experience live music while speaking on the day of the event.

Rounder was founded as a country and bluegrass label by three friends who met Bill Nowlin during their college years. Rounder also released albums by John Fogerty, George Thorogood and John Prine, but few have been commercially successful, although they all have passionate cult followers. The founders of the label take their commitment to preserve the best of blues and old - contemporary music very seriously, whether the records are big bestsellers or not. Nothing is said when it comes to "Go All In" and the record "Raise the Sand" won five Grammys. After George and Thorogsood left their roundabout for a bigger label, Alison Krauss continued to release hits, one of her biggest was the 1995 version of "Keith Whitley." She has also demonstrated her versatility by collaborating with other artists, such as Chris Stapleton on the 2007 album "Going All - in."

The label's newfound success has enabled the company to move to a larger area of Cambridge and expand its workforce. Rounder has sold more records and is in the process of acquiring a Vermont-based folk music label. The hall, which now seats 300, has expanded the type of music presented on stage and transformed the club into a venue where local, national and international acts can be heard. In "was nominated for a Grammy after being picked up by country radio stations nationwide, and the music is well received - by them.

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