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The Three - Story Hotel has 120 non-smoking suites and the Five - Story Hotel has 125 non-smoking suites. Guests can catch the bus or less from the T stop at Harvard University, which is two miles - and a half to the east. The three-storey hotel has 120 non-smoking suites, a four-bedroom hotel and four more bedrooms.

Take a look at our guide to the best hotels in Somerville, Massachusetts, and the most popular hotels across the country.

The Conrad Walpole is a great time in Somerville, Massachusetts, with great food, great people and a place that is great forever. There's still the original burger, which consists of three cuts of grass - fed with beef, to which a second monthly patty is now added. The Fairfield Inn, a three-story, four-story, two-story, en suite, stylish inn located on the site of a former Main Street train station, is one of the most popular hotels in the city and the second oldest hotel in Massachusetts.

The over a century-old hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Somerville, Massachusetts and the second oldest hotel in Massachusetts. The Residence Inn, which has only undergone a few changes since it was acquired by Marriott International in 1987, became "one of the most modern accommodations in town" in 2013. The six-story hotel opened its doors in the early 1990s, the first of its kind in New England. Take a look at the up-and-coming, high-quality, modern and contemporary interior of this historic hotel.

On April 24, 1729, a document was recorded, which is now deposited in the archives of the capital of the state of Hartford, Connecticut. For the equivalent of about $300, Chief John Squantz and his son John Sherman bought a 31,000-acre piece of land that is now called New Fairfield and Sherman. Alternatively, it is said that ChiefSquantz negotiated to move out of his hometown of Somerville after refusing to sell to the township of New Fairfield.

No matter what you bring your family to Somerville, there is no doubt that the Holiday Inn (r) brand has something special to offer. As someone who has stayed at this property before, I am sure others have told you that the Residence Inn is on a par with other upscale hotels in the industry, serving guests from all over the world.

This affordable property in Somerville, MA is comparable in quality to Residence Inn and Marriott. I'll also list Boston, Woburn and Burlington, all of which are cheaper than the hotels in Somville.

The new Fairfield Public Schools Systems include the New Haven Public School System, the North Haven School System and the Fairfields Meeting School System.

There are other smaller towns in the city, but many of the communities have their own names, such as Fairfield, New Haven, North Haven and West Haven.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the city has 5,148 residential units, including 2,811 residential units and 1,921 commercial units. There is no land but water, and Candlewood Lake dominates the east side of the city, stretching north to south along the city limits.

Median income per household in the city is $106,145, and median income per family is $132,271. There are 1,921 households, of which 44.5% have children under 18 years of age, 75.3% are married couples living together, 5.7% live in a single-family house, 15.8% of them are non-families, 4.6% in an apartment or housing estate, 6.0% with a housekeeper and a husband, 3.4% without a wife or husband, 1.2% as single parents, 2.1% as single mothers and 1% as married families. The ethnic composition of the cities is 96.83%, with the majority of people of colour (88.9%) and women (83.11%). The poverty line is the poverty line for all Somerville households, including those below the poverty line of $15,000 a year for men and $14,500 for women.

At the time of the census of 7 February 2000, 3905 families lived in the town, of which 1921 were single-family houses and 2821 were apartments or housing complexes. The population is distributed across the city: 8.6% are 65 years or older, 2.5% over 65 and 1.8% under 65.

When the postcode was introduced in 1963, the original Danbury code 06810 covered all of New Fairfield, with a total population of 1842. New Fairfield is home to the Gateway Playhouse, which operates a 650-seat summer theater that is currently operating outside Bellport, New York.

This ostentatious place has been modernized from the bastion of upscale 19th century gastronomy, which has been here since 2012. Ungar and his team have created a tasting menu and turned it into an experience that is both enthralling and constantly changing, starting with sake - marinated squid, which is best served with a glass of wine at the bar or lunch in one of the four dining rooms of the restaurant.

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